Skyrise Pro is the end-to-end solution for construction draw processing.

Skyrise Pro brings the antiquated paper-based construction draw process to the cloud, digitizing the process from developer, title company, and general contractor, all the way through subcontractors and suppliers. Everyone involved has easy-to-understand visibility into the progress of the draw and whether adjustments to documentation need to be made.

Mike Balling


Mike has fifteen years of experience in product and operations management with both established and start-up companies. With a focus on innovation, he has a passion for meeting changes in technology, organizations, and markets head-on.

Nathan Landis


A seasoned technology leader, Nathan has been an integral part of three successful technology startup exits. His work has ranged from executive strategy to line-by-line coding, and he excels in negotiating both engineering and business needs to find the right balance for each project.

Aaron Priest


With eight plus years’ experience in title insurance and thousands of large real estate and construction transactions underwritten, Aaron is experienced in all facets of construction escrow and mechanics’ lien underwriting.

Adam Seithel


Adam has six years’ experience implementing cloud-based solutions at Fortune 250 organizations. He combines his experience at big 4 consulting experience in HR Technology Strategy and Robotic Process Automation with six years’ experience in title insurance.

How we came to be

Skyrise Pro is a Chicago-based startup that provides transparency, speed, and security to the construction draw process.

Skyrise Pro was founded by a highly experienced team: Aaron Priest, Adam Seithel, Michael Balling, and Nathan Landis.  With years of hands-on experience with title insurance and the construction escrow process, Aaron knew that the antiquated, paper-based process was in need of a solution to reduce the frustration experienced by developers, lenders, contractors, and title companies.  

Adam’s consulting experience in systems implementation not only proved valuable in the development process, it also provided the connection to Skyrise Pro’s additional co-founders.  Michael and Nathan, each recently part of a startup acquisition by the largest healthcare provider in the U.S., were ready for new challenge. With Michael’s expertise in simplifying complex processes and Nathan’s experience in elegant and scalable design, the team was complete.

Skyrise Pro is working with general contractors, subcontractors, and title companies to deliver a simpler, more effective way to build and submit construction draw documentation. Skyrise Pro delivers better documentation, faster payouts, and fewer headaches.